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Deluge Offshore & Marine (DOM) provides a full range of Fire Protection products and systems.

Deluge Offshore products

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Teaming up with the finesse

Deluge Offshore & Marine (DOM) specialises in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts on Fire Protection Systems.

DOM’s partnership with Aceflo Engineering in their supply and design will enhance their already strong solutions to all potential fire hazards and damages with our wide-ranging expertise, enviable experience on the latest fire protection technologies and the critical support of our associate companies.

Together, we created a dynamic mass of strengths that helps ensure the safety of these vital industries in marine engineering and the offshore oil & gas industries, among many top fire safety priorities.

DOM provides a full range of Fire Protection products and systems, comprising:- Water Based, Gas based, Dry Chemical and Form Systems. In addition, DOM provides customise firefighting solution to meet the needs of clients.

We work closely together with Deluge offshore & Marine (DOM) to help bridge the Gap in Expertise and Knowledge for the industries, release synergy and provide ‘added value’ solutions – thus, achieving more than either party could have achieved alone or working separately.