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Ease Spring Absorbers, ESA a brand that will lead the way in the field of noise, vibration and seismic control. Vibration isolation technology has moved on to the isolation of entire buildings rather than just building components. ESA focused on research of vibration effects on equipment and structures, providing a solution to overcome the vibration by teaming up with some of the best acoustical engineers to solve a wide variety of complex vibration isolation problems for customers in different applications and across different industries from commercial building, Lab, theatre, production machines and to consumers equipment.

ESA, offer a wide range of vibration control products from standard spring isolation (deflection stating from 18 to 75mm (0.75 to 3 inch) and Neoprene or Natural Rubber bearing pads to for low frequencies application. Both product are widely used in the building or machineries to keep ground vibration and noise transmission out of buildings or the production floor.

ESA, capitalize its focus on product development and partner with specialize manufacturing facilities and warehouse space for just-in-time shipping requirements. Such flexibility allow ESA to stay focus and position itself for the upcoming global market conditions and different demand for the ever changing vibration isolation challenges.