Enlightenace Logo

Enlightenace Technology Co., Ltd. is a group of professional talents in semiconductor, display, solar energy, LED, touch industry and MES/Automation technology.

Its business area is divided into three main axes, namely, product agency, related materials and technology integration, and serves customers with a comprehensive concept.

Enlightenace Technology Co., Ltd. also supplies for semiconductor, optoelectronic, solar, and traditional industries. According to product applicability, it can be divided into six categories:

  1. high-tech industrial equipment parts
  2. precision processing
  3. equipment and instrument component agency
  4. material agency
  5. semiconductor/LCD second-hand mobile phone sales and
  6. information services.

They provide professional services for products overhaul.

Serving semiconductor, optical, photovoltaic (PV) and conventional industries. According to product application, it can be divided into six categories:

  1. Semiconductor machine CIP
  2. Semiconductor machine process kit (PVD, CVD…)
  3. Valve Overhaul (slit valve, Iso valve…)
  4. O-ring (perfluorinated, high fluorinated, Viton)
  5. Welding bellows
  6. Engineering plastics, metal parts & processing parts

Enlightenace Technology Co., Ltd. also does rubber formulation design:

  • Rubber compression molding
  • Rubber injection molding
  • Rubber and metal bonding
  • Rubber and plastic bonding
  • Rubber die cut