When it comes to Fire
and Security we Fixx it


Fire-Fixx is the premium name when it comes to fire and security business. We don’t compromise our quality, Fire-Fixx mission is to reduce the risk of personal safety towards fire and protecting the wealth of the masses. Developing products that is easily operated, comfortable and cost efficient solutions.

While other companies have been in the fire protection industry longer than Fire-Fixx, no other company has being more focus than us on providing the quality products and excellent services to the customers, by keeping the fundamental on the code of practices for fire & security which is saving lives and to control or extinguish fires.

Fire-Fixx cover the general fire fighting equipment used to extinguish fire with the basic including fire extinguishers, coupling, hose, hose reels and monitors. Fire-Fixx also carries an wide range of extensive fire fighting equipment and systems that realise on technological research with the best research companies, to provide a comprehensive solution for a total protection.

Fire-Fixx safety range of produces are design and develop base on “fit for purpose” and based on the real-world needs. Fire-Fixx understands before you can save the lives of others, you must first protect yourself with equipment that gives you the confidence regardless of your mission. Fire-Fixx offer a complete range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Safety Signs, Labels & Posters Designs.

Fire-Fixx will maintain its core value to continuously look out for new technology or products that can further enhance the safety and protection of the individual or the protection of the your business without any compromise.